Eric Zaldivar's "Best Served Cold" Documentary - DP
Angelo Garcia's "morpheus" short film - dp
Burleigh Holder’s “lady of the lake” short film - DP
JaKari Golden "box'd in" music video - dp
varietopia with paul f. tompkins live series - videographer (May LA Show)
varietopia with paul f. tompkins live series - videographer (March LA Show)
CM Talkington, Renée Zellweger, & Texas Radio "Two Steps" Music Video - B Cam 2nd AC
Toby “101 Dalmatians” Music Video - DP
varietopia with paul f. tompkins live series - Videographer (december LA Show)
Ben Gantz’s “Tickets” Short Film - PA/Unit photographer
“I Hope I Die Laughing” Web Series - DP (S2E1, Hot Wings Sketch)
Varietopia with paul f. tompkins live series - videographer (october la show)
One Day Immersion Coodie & Chike Ozah Interview - Videographer
VARIETOPIA with Paul F. Tompkins Live Series - Videographer (September La show)
“I Hope I Die Laughing” Web series - DP  (S2E2 Mob Consequences Sketch)
Luke Frisbie's "My Ghost" Short Film - Gaffer (mesa & Golden State film festival select)
varietopia with paul f. tompkins live series - Videographer (July la show)
“I Hope I Die Laughing” Web series - DP (S2E3, Hands Free Sketch)
Heelys x Julia Jacklin “Pressure to Party” Spec Music Video - Gaffer/Camera Operator
varietopia with paul f. tompkins live series - Videographer (March la show)
Kiefer Jenkins' "Legacy of the Mandalorian" Short Fan Film - Gaffer (LED Stage Sequences)
Nochebuena: Christmas Eve in Mexico Event - Camera Operator
Addaday Lyric Commercial - Swing G&E
Nike Maternity "Ultra Sound" Web Series - Swing G&E (S1E1)
Leo Milano's "The Crusades" Narrative Feature -  Swing G&E
K-Swiss "Coool" Spec Ad - Swing G&E
Lala Lala "Color of the Pool" Music Video - Key Grip
Mick Jenkins "Truffles" Music Video - Swing G&E
Skil Tools Commercial - Swing G&E
Frïs Vodka Commercial - Rigging Grip
Flex Tools "Faceoff" Commercial - Swing G&E
Porsche Exchange 2021 911 Turbo S Commercial - Key Grip
Harley Davidson "Bury The Noise" Spec Ad - Unit Photographer
Ruben J Davila's "Domingo" Short Film - 1st AC
The Black Watch "For Every Hair That's Hurt I'll Stop A Heart" Music Video - Gaffer
Manwolves “Dry Bones” Music Video - Key Grip
"Sneaker Shopping" web Series - Key Grip (Carmelo Anthony Episode)
State Champs "The Real World" Music Video - Swing G&E
Illinois Library Systems "Elders of the Internet" Commercial - 2nd AC/Swing G&E
Tetsuya Mariko's "From Miyamoto to You” Narrative Feature - Camera PA/Swing G&E
Special Olympics Illinois "Listen to the Mustn'ts" Commercial - Swing G&E
Nike x Off-White "Virgil Abloh Unite" Jordans Commercial - Swing G&E
Home Depot Commercial - Rigging Grip
Nike "Unite" Jordans Commercial - Swing G&E
Jennifer Karum's "Conrad" Series Pilot - Swing G&E
Frank Tovar's "A Close Place" Short Film - Swing G&E
Spencer Parson's "Dream Police" Short Film - PA
Jae Mihulka "Break Free" Student Short Film - 1st AC
Craig langus' "Monster" Short film - pa
"The Exorcist" Fox Series - Shadow to Director, Mr. Ensler (S2E2)
Eli Roth's "Death Wish" (2018) Narrative Feature - PA (2nd Unit)
Venom "Go Crazy" Music Video - 1st AC
Alexander Payne's "Downsizing" (2017) Narrative Feature - Shadow to AD, Mr. tracy Boyd
11th Annual Omaha Film Festival Event - Videographer
SumTur Jam Music Festival Commercial - DP
Jon Hardin "Primrose" Music Video - Unit Photographer
Super Ghost Live at Urban Outfitters Event - Videographer
Brendan Reagan's "Beginner's Guide to Potion Making" Student Short Film - DP/Editor
Brendan Reagan's "Anti-Smoking Ad" Student Spec Ad - DP/Editor
Brendan Reagan's "Smile Power Energy Drink" Student Spec ad - DP/Editor
Jordan Fountain's "Samurai Jack: Light and Shadow" Short Film - Unit Videographer
Blake Fisher's "Blake" Student Short Film - DP
Emma Demuth's "Sally & Franklin" Student Short Film - Director/DP
"Heist" Student Short Film - Director/DP/Editor
"A Skateboarding Story" Student Short Documentary - Director/DP
Jordan Fountain's "Virtual Reality Battle: The Briefchase" Short Film - Sound Mixer
Captain Crud "SNACK→ATTACK" Live Event - Videographer
Jordan Fountain's "The Vigor Store" Short Film - Boom Operator
Jordan Fountain's "Where's Pat?" Short Film - Boom Operator
Jordan Fountain's "Perfect Nose Manual" Short Film - DP
"Mortal Kombat: Downfall" Web Series - Sound Mixer / Unit Videographer (Kitana vs. Kung Lao Episode)
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